At MasterClean, we understand that effective cleaning service relies heavily on employee cooperation and participation. Backed by nearly a decade of experience and one of the best training programs in the cleaning service industry, we are confident to work with you to equip your staff with essential knowledge and skills that can ensure the highest level of service quality. We have been delivering training courses to many other small enterprises and/or newly-established companies in the industry. Our clients benefit from our professional training programs that assure their staff members are knowledgeable and have a clear understanding of safety precautions and professional cleaning.


The MasterClean training includes:

- Establish a detailed cleaning procedure and training method for cleaning employees.

- Create templates for cleaning management.

- Cleaning chemicals and equipments usage.

- Knowledge of cleaning materials.

- Teamwork and individual working skills.

- Communications skills for cleaning employees to deal with different situations at work.

- Safety guide.


We believe that, other than not completing our tasks in a timely and professional manner, the worst affront we can perpetrate against our clients is being poorly trained. For that reason, we provide cleaning service training to help your cleaners handle any and all possible situations.


Please contact us on our hotline for more information:

Hotline: 0969653333 – (+84-4) 6683.0083