Pest in and around the offices can cause great distress. They can create an unsafe working environment and damage your office building, with computer equipment and cables being particularly at risk from rodents. At MasterClean, we know the health and the safety of your customers and employees are of great importance to you. We also understand that no two properties are exactly alike. As a result, our pest management service uses scientific solutions to address your specific needs and help eliminate the conditions that attract pests.


We offer a free site survey to your office space to estimate the risk level and to define an appropriate service to ensure a pest problem does not take hold. Every MasterClean pest specialist is trained to assess your building’s unique characteristics, then implement and monitor a plan based in science which is created just for you. We use a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments to provide you with a fast and efficient solution to your pest issue.


Please have a look at the following list and see if we offer the service that you are seeking:

- Termite control.

- Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rodents control.

- Eco friendly pest control solutions.

- Pest prevention.


Please contact us on our hotline for more information:

Hotline: 0969653333 - (+84-4) 6683.0083